Case Study: Fulham

Case Study: Fulham Client

The Client

A couple who had just had their first child. The husband was originally from abroad but had lived and worked in London for many years. The wife had just moved to London.

The Brief

A 5 bedroom house suitable for a growing family in a central location that would not leave the wife feeling isolated.  Due to the very young age of the baby the client wanted to be able to move straight into the house and not have to carry out any renovations. Distance to transport was also important to facilitate the husband’s commute to the City.

The Challenge

Finding a family home that was in new condition in a location both to suit the husband and wife.

The Search

The husband had lived in Chelsea for many years and ideally wanted to stay there. It became obvious very quickly however how little he got for his money. Smaller houses around Lots Road were within budget but with poor transport connections, a lack of amenities and green spaces, it was decided to widen the search area.  It was the village feel of the western part of the Fulham Road, with its independent shops and boutiques, proximity to Parson’s Green tube and open spaces that persuaded the client to change the focus of the search. This area is very popular with the Europeans which was nice for the wife to hear being new to London herself. It is also very family focused which provided comfort and many conveniences.

The Outcome

After a month or so of searching a newly renovated house came up that fit the bill in the required location.  Being vacant meant the clients could move in quickly which was ideal.  With this search it was our knowledge of areas, the conveyancing process and our recommendations of professional advisors that enabled the client to find and secure a family home in a desired area with enough space quickly.  Being time poor and having never bought in the UK our guidance from the start through to completion (and beyond!) was paramount.

Fulham as an area

Fulham can be split into quite a few areas; the white stucco houses of the Moore Park Estate, Sand’s End, the lion houses of the Peterborough Estate, the larger (and smaller houses of; Parson’s Green, Fulham Road, North End Road, Munster Village, Hurlingham and the Alphabet Streets. Each patch offers something different and as a result Fulham is an extremely popular area with our clients both young and older.

The most highly regarded houses are those in the Peterborough and Moore Park Estates and those around Eelbrook Common. They are large family houses, some offering good width.  Gardens tend to be small however (apart from in the Alphabet Streets) but with the Common and South Park very close by many are prepared to take the hit. As you move further South down the Wandsworth Bridge Road, the houses get smaller and many are converted into flats. Here you find the popular “Bury Triangle”.  Whilst the Wandsworth Bridge Road provides all the amenities you could wish for you do have to watch distance from transport as you move South.  There is of course the Imperial Wharf overland station but many clients prefer to be closer to Fulham Broadway and Parson’s Green tube stations.

Younger clients buying flats tend to focus their search on the southernmost parts of the Munster Village and the North End Road and the Fulham Road as proximity to transport is always at the forefront of their minds. Those with smaller budgets, wanting flats or even a 2-3 bedroom house, are most likely to be successful around Sand’s End and further up the Munster Road.  The Munster Road is useful to have on your doorstep with the basics catered for.

Older clients wanting a serviced flat could hardly do better then look in the blocks around the Hurlingham Club. There are some lovely mansion blocks here, some with river views that offer good dimensions and a feeling of space. With Putney Bridge tube station a stone’s throw away it is a popular address.

Larger families who are after big gardens often upsize from the Parson’s Green area to the Alphabet Streets, the streets off the Fulham Palace Road.  There are some wonderful houses here in a slightly quieter location.

Transportation links in Fulham

Although served by three underground stations, Fulham Broadway, Parson’s Green and Putney Bridge it would be wrong to say Fulham has ideal transport links.  The District Line can be undependable here and roads going East can get very busy. Buses are the best way to get to and from Fulham with many serving the area. It is quite far West as a location however so a good place to live if on the weekends the A4 and A40 are your routes out of town. Those buying further up the North End Road often walk to West Brompton tube, some to Earl’s Court which offers better lines of travel.

Schools in Fulham

Highly regarded state primary schools seem to be far and few between here but there are many good private primary schools; Thomas’s Fulham, Kensington Preparatory School to name but two.

Hugely popular with the Europeans is the French Lycee School, Ecole Marie d’Orliac. L’Ecole des Petits is a bilingual nursery school just off the Wandsworth Bridge Road for children up to the age of 6.

Green spaces in Fulham

Small but lovely to have with a very nice “village” feel are the open spaces of Eel Brook Common and Parson’s Green. Here too you will find many lovely cafes, pubs and boutique shops. Larger is South Park and Fulham Palace Gardens which offer a good amount of green space for children to run around and adults to relax.   Fulham Palace Gardens often host outdoor events and is advantageous to have on your doorstep.

In conclusion

Fulham does have something to suit all ages and what with so many smaller “patches” there are vibes to suit many too.  The slightly busier Fulham Broadway with its chain restaurants and high street shops to the more upmarket Parson’s Green and Fulham Road areas which host smaller cafes and boutique type shops. The football grounds of Chelsea and Fulham can be seen as a drawback but with match day parking regulations in place it is a drawback many are happy to compromise on.  It is an area that we know will remain popular with clients for a long time to come.

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