Battersea and Clapham

Case Study: Battersea and Clapham

Case Study: Battersea and Clapham Client

The Client

A brother and sister making a joint investment and wanting a home who had been referred to us by an estate agent.

The Brief

A three bedroom, two bathroom flat in either Clapham or Battersea.  Outside space was a “if possible”. Work was not shyd from but the condition of the property needed to be reflected in the asking price.  Proximity to transport was important.

The Challenge

The struggle was finding a flat within budget that had the second bathroom.  There were plenty of flats that had a third bedroom but ones that had the second bathroom were few and far between.

The Search

We searched the areas around Battersea Park, Shaftesbury Estate, Clapham Junction, Clapham Old Town and Clapham South. We ended up only previewing about 20 properties on our client’s behalf-the request for the second bathroom cut our usual number down considerably. Small houses were previewed as well as flats.

The Outcome

Very quickly a flat came up close to Battersea Rise, Clapham Common and Clapham Junction.  We knew as soon as we walked in that it was perfect. It was a split level, upper floor flat with a separate kitchen and living room.  It was the ideal space and layout for sharers.   What we liked most was the property’s position on the road.  The front of the house looked down another street, meaning an open aspect that allowed a huge amount of light to flood into the living room. Occupying the upper floors of a house brings with it the benefit of no noise disturbance from people above you, which can so often be a problem. The flat came with a share of the freehold something so often desired.

The flat was priced correctly and, because of its charm, it received a lot of interest from buyers.  We ended up going to sealed bids against a pure cash buyer, which we were not, but won.  We had worked with the manager of the estate agent for many years and the seller happened to have worked with us in the past.  These factors certainly helped in offering the seller confidence about us as a buyer.

Battersea as an area

We have many clients coming to us wanting a property in Kensington & Chelsea who quickly become disappointed with what their budget will buy them. If looking for a property in central London the message from us is don’t discard Battersea too quickly.  With the development of the power station and the relocation of the American Embassy to Vauxhall it is an area which we believe still holds growth, albeit this may have slowed down recently.

Those who allow us to take them across the river are, more often than not, amazed about how much more their money buys them in Battersea –  and actually how central they still are.  Living in north Battersea can only be a ten-minute walk away from Chelsea.

What also persuades many is the open space of Battersea Park, right on their doorstep.  The mansion blocks along Prince of Wales Drive and Albert Bridge Road trade at a premium for their proximity to the park.

Another surprise is the variety of property Battersea offers.  Not only are there the highly regarded mansion blocks close to the park, you also have the lovely houses in the streets known as “The Sisters” close to Albert Bridge, modern property such as converted schools and warehouses, smaller houses in “Little India” close to Clapham Junction, the “Diamond Conservation Area” either side of the Queenstown Road and the grander houses on such streets as Anhalt and Worfield.  There really is something for everyone.  Time and time again, as search agents, we find ourselves in the area with clients

Transportation links in Battersea

When Sarah first joined London Property Match she always wondered why people loved living in Battersea so much.  For her the one and very important down side was the lack of a tube station.  How her opinion has changed!  Having moved to Wandsworth in 2009, which is also short of a tube station, she is now reliant on the overland system.  Not only does she wish she had had more faith this system sooner in life but she also realised that a lack of a tube station should never be held against an area. In 2020 of course this will all change with the extension of  the Northern Line coming into Battersea Power Station.

Battersea has the overland stations of Queenstown Road, Battersea Park and Clapham Junction which take you quickly into Victoria and Waterloo and with bus routes a plenty all transport concerns should be dismissed.  We would rather have the open space of Battersea Park close by and take the overland into Victoria and Waterloo every morning then struggle with the unreliability of the district line from Fulham. But then there are many who simply can’t come to terms with living south of the river!

Schools in Battersea

Newton Prep is one of the better known private schools, but others include Thomas’s Battersea where Prince George attends.  Good state schools include Honeywell, Belleville and Bolingbroke Academy situated off the Northcote Road.

Clapham as an area

Sarah grew up in Clapham so for her it will always be home.  Clapham is an area hugely popular with our younger clients who crave good transport, the liveliness of Clapham High Street and welcome the space Clapham Common offers. Off Clapham High Street is where we often find ourselves with clients wanting flats at the lower end of our search bracket.  The houses here are tall and have more often than not been split into flats.  There are also a few school conversions and also low rise modern blocks, which make good buy-to-lets.

Clapham Old Town provides more class with some beautiful streets and Georgian properties.  Here not only are there are larger family houses but also smaller houses.  Flats are not so common in the Old Town.  There is a lovely feel about this small patch created by independent shops and a few pubs and cafes.

Abbeville Village is a separate area in Clapham and is popular with families. Most of the properties are houses and some have some fabulous sized gardens.  Abbeville Road is situated on Clapham Common Southside and hosts some fantastic restaurants and other useful services. Transport-wise, it sits between Clapham Common underground station and Clapham South.

Transportation links in Clapham

London Underground’s Northern Line runs north to south under Clapham and, with a direct service to Bank and despite the fact it is often overcrowded, clients do love to have it on their doorstep. Buses are also plentiful and take you easily to Clapham Junction should that be your preferred route.

Schools in Clapham

There are many private primary schools in Clapham, such as Broomwood Hall, Thomas’s Clapham and Eaton House.  There is also a French Lycee School on Wix’s Lane that brings the Europeans to the area.

Restaurants & Cafés in Battersea & Clapham

There are great pubs in the area, The Duke of Cambridge being a favourite but The Lighthouse and The Prince Albert also deserve a mention.  If it is a non-expensive quick delicious bowl of pasta you are after, Antipasto & Pasta on Battersea Park Road cannot be beaten.  For finer dining head to Tom Ilic on the Queenstown Road or the eateries on Parkgate Road and Battersea Square.  Clapham Old Town has the Michelin starred Trinity restaurant.

No commentary on Battersea and Clapham would be complete without mention of the infamous Northcote Road, with many family-friendly cafes, such as Bertie & Boo’s and also some establishments better suited to grown-up clientele.

Green spaces in Battersea & Clapham

Battersea Park, which runs along the south side of the river between Chelsea and Battersea bridges, is one that offers many attractions.   An athletics track, a pagoda, a zoo as well as beautiful formal themed gardens and a small lake upon which to pedlo.

Clapham Common is a focal point for locals in Clapham Old Town in the north of the area and for those living near Clapham South.  Many sports activities are run on the common for both children and adults as well as a programme of festivals and other events during the summer, which makes this a lively and fun place to spend time.

Property-wise there is something for everyone here and if you are after some life south of the river, Battersea and Clapham should certainly be on your list as areas.

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